It’s Day 3 of My Cleanse
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It’s Day 3 of My Cleanse

It’s Day 3 of my cleanse… my least favorite part is feeding the kids their usual garb and when Rain rolls in with a scrumptious double chocolate vanilla swirl soft serve ice cream cone.

Gregory Joujon-Roche (@Gregmytrainer) and I have been communicating, tweeting, supporting and complaining to each other.  It’s so helpful to go though something like this with a partner – or in this case, an expert and his wife.  I am hoping to get through today with as much strength as yesterday. 

The fact that we were shooting a show for the last few days was very helpful.  Most people would schedule some down time during such a demanding experience, but I actually liked staying busy.  I was shooting with my family so that of course helped too.   I love working at home in my own backyard

This cleansing experience has been equally mental as it has been physical.  I have made sure to carve out my “ME” moments in my usual chaos to breathe and focus.  I find myself more calm, and aware of many things around me…not yet sure if that is due to my lack of energy, coffee or the removal of all things toxic!

On the lighter side of my week, here’s a pic of Rain and I getting ready for an interview: 

She blew me away with so many nice things she had to say about her sisters.  When asked to describe them she said, “My sisters always protect me and I think they are really good big sisters.”  I loved hearing that and must admit that I was unaware of her trust in that sisterhood safety zone.  I’m always preaching the importance of counting on one another and taking care of each other.  I guess through all my lecturing, the important stuff sticks.

I watched the first stages of the demolition of our new house, with the kids and our dogs, as David directed the project.

He built our first home and it’s so great to see him back in action.  I love the fact that he is building another house for us.  It’s from us and for us, which makes it very romantic and extra special. Watching today was also the first step to this project becoming a reality.  It’s been a long process to make it happen.  It’s a new chapter in the Charvet story and one filled with tons of possibilities.  We survived building together once before…here we go again.

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