Want to go Green With Me?
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Want to go Green With Me?

The intense 7 day cleanse that I’m doing is not for everyone. So here’s a simple way to kick start your healthy eating plan and shock your body. There is only one simple rule – the food must be GREEN. (No green M&M’s though!)

I did this last year and the ModernMom community joined me and it was great supporting each other. So, join me if you dare!

Here’s a list of green foods:

  • green apples
  • kiwi
  • green grapes
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • edamame
  • jalapenos
  • garlic
  • lemons
  • olive oil (for sautéing)
  • brocollini
  • zucchini
  • cucumbers
  • parsley
  • peas
  • split pea soup
  • fennel
  • pesto sauce
  • string beans
  • snap peas
  • mint
  • romaine and butter lettuce


If you’re planning to join in, I’d love to hear about your experience! Share your stories in the comment section – let’s support each other!

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