My Beautiful Friday
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My Beautiful Friday

During the busiest times in my life, I have come to appreciate simple nights like tonight, shared at home with my family.  Today was a super exciting day for me.  I crossed off another item on my bucket list.  By the way, I have to thank Woman on the Fence for inspiring me to sit down just one year ago and make my own list of dreams and fantasies.  Since allowing myself the room to wish and imagine life’s possibilities, I have been chipping away at my list item by item.  For a decade, I have wanted to be on the cover of Shape magazine.  It may sound silly to many, but there is something very special to me about being relatable to other women, being healthy and representing the possibility of feeling confident at any age.  Honestly, I have not been shot in a bikini for 2 years.  It was a big day for me, and I am so honored to have the opportunity to grace the cover.  It will hit stands in December. 

As incredible and awaited today was for me, I came home to an even more exciting scene.  My mom came over with a homemade pot of spaghetti sauce for my kids, they were in the best of spirits, smiling from ear to ear. They greeted me with open arms, love and excitement.  I listened to each of them share something special about their day.  Maybe it was because it was Friday night, that the week is ending, there are no bed times, and there was anticipation of a fun weekend ahead.  Or, maybe today was just one of those lucky days when all things are in harmony.  I’m not going to dissect it, rather I am going to bask in the comfort of a peaceful Friday night enjoyed with my family, the ones who matters most to me.

Before bedtime, David, the kids and I layed on our outdoor bed on our bedroom terrace.  Sierra saw her first shooting star, and David witnessed a few more.  Everyone cuddled together waiting for another star to shoot across the sky so we could make our own wishes.  A peaceful play list sang to us outside and before we knew it, we fell fast asleep under a cozy blanket.  I felt so peaceful, more than I can remember in a while.  It was the first time we’ve slept out there.  It was a perfect day, a beautiful night, and one I will enjoy for a while.  It doesn’t take much to create happiness at home, just a few smiles, an open heart and the ability to be still and enjoy it.

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