Using Social Media to Clean My House
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Using Social Media to Clean My House

This is article is a sponsored post for Oreck. 

How did you choose your last vacuum? Did you check out the Amazon reviews on trusted brands? Ask your friends which ones they love?

The other day, we were hanging out in the ModernMom office with one of our CEOs, Brooke Burke. She was talking about how she needed a new vacuum (It’s true! Brooke does actually vacuum!) and of course everyone had an opinion.

Personally, I love to clean – it’s a freakish quality I inherited from my mom – and I’m not exactly a rookie at vacuuming. But living in LA in your twenties means living on a budget, so most of my appliance purchasing decisions have been based on price and/or what people were selling at garage sales. To make a long story short, I probably wasn’t the best person to recommend a top quality vacuum.

So we turned to social media. Brooke asked Twitter and we put it the question out to our ModernMom fans on Facebook hoping to find out what vacuums moms love. We got tons of responses! And even better, Oreck offered to let us try out two of their vacuums out – and boy did they suck! (Dirt and dust, that is).

Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner

Wowsers! This is one upright vac that packs a powerful punch. With two speeds, the Oreck Magnesium is perfect for any type of floor; it even managed to get some caked in dirt out of my woven wool rug. But best of all, it’s very easy to manage, so you don’t feel like you’re getting a work out wrangling your vacuum cleaner. Seriously, it’s almost unbelievable how insanely light this thing is and it basically pushes itself across the floor. And since I’m always annoyed by the dust bunnies under my couch and coffee table, I love the way it can basically flatten itself to reach under furniture.

Oreck Ultimate Handheld

As I mentioned, I live in Los Angeles and while that means beautiful weather, it also means DUST! I am constantly dusting any flat surface – I cannot even tell you how many different dusting products I’ve tried. So I was super excited to try out the Oreck Ultimate Handheld on all the hard-to-reach spots in my house. And it certainly did not disappoint. The slinky hose gave me access to the corners of rooms near the ceiling, which normally require a chair and some serious determination to clean. The power cord actually wraps around the bottom of the vacuum so I’m not tripping on it! There was tons of suction and it was really lightweight, it also had a shoulder strap so I could carry it around easily. But my very favorite part was all the attachments! It’s a clean freak’s dream come true. There are five different ones – everything from an extending wand and crevice tool to a dust brush!!!

Both of these vacuums are real winners. They saved me time, cut down on the hassle of cleaning and left my house spick and span!

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