Super Bowl Weekend!
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Super Bowl Weekend!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!!! I can’t remember that last time my husband was excited about a weekend or planning a get together!  This year we’re doing it different, and I am NOT cooking for 30!

The guys have booked a bunch of tables at a local sports bar while the wives, kids and I will play at the park, shop and enjoy some girl time.  We’ll hook up with the guys for the ½ time show, margaritas and dinner. I can’t wait to see the Super Bowl commercials!

If you are cooking, here’s one of my go-to party junk salads that’s hearty enough for the guys, sweet enough for the ladies, and healthy and crunchy.  The perfect salad that’s a great meal when chicken is added, or skip that and serve as a side dish.

I’ve been under the weather all week, but still had so much to do.  I’m happy to chill this weekend and love our easy plan for everyone to enjoy.  No offense Brady, but 3 hours in a noisy bar vs. a day of shopping and playing with the kids in the sun….hhhmmmm looks like the ladies finally got smart this year!

Training wheels came off today for Rain and Shaya, it’s a bit early for my son, but he’s ambitious and in his Papa’s safe hands.  I’m running out to take a video. I hope they are practicing on the grass.  It seems like forever ago when we taught my older girls…”focus, balance, breathe, focus balance”, Neriah chanted. This time around I hear my son afraid but determined.  Facing fear is a great thing and the only way to grow! 

Kinda like our bet on the Giants….Gooooo NY!!!

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