What Would You Do for Love?
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What Would You Do for Love?

Travel 35 hours, 3 planes, 4 meals, one movie, a 3 hr dirt road trip,
sleep in a tent, shower outside in the cold, drink instant coffee for
3 days then turn around and make the same trip back home???!!!?? (BTW,
your 2 and 3 yr old children would be joining you to be reunited with
their father who has been gone for 5 weeks)
My answer is HELL YES, what about you? If you are like any of my friends, you would have missed out on the
South African chance of a lifetime.

Partner of the Year

I am adding to my list of many hats that all of us moms wear;
adventurer, giraffe nurse, farmer, wannabee wife of the year, Super
mom, energizer bunny, bug killer, and hopeless romantic. And yes, I
will award myself with the ‘Partner Of The Year’ award, because I
deserve it!!!

The Schlep to Africa

I wrote those thoughts upon arrival after surviving one hell of a
schlep to Africa. Which btw my children were amazing on. Considering
the 22 hrs spent in the air, and that’s not including airport time,
road travel, and F****** security checks, it was best-case scenario.
I was so proud of them and appreciative. But, still feel the same
about my suggested award!

Where to Begin?

I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, I knew why I was
willing to make this trip, but I had no idea what I was in for. I am
so happy I came. Everywhere I look in South Africa is a photo op.
It’s been only 2 days so far and I truly wish I could slow down the
hands of time. For love and for my family I would do it all again,
but for David, I would travel even further.

So Beautiful…

We had such a beautiful reunion, Shaya ran into his Papa’s arms and
they were inseparable every moment after. Rain was a bit wiped out
after the excitement of seeing David kept her awake for the last leg
of our trip (20 hrs). As we entered the farm a gorgeous 1 yr old
giraffe was waiting to greet us, with no fear and we were able to pet
and interact with him. The farmers bottle-feed him twice a day, it
was breathtaking. A herd of zebra was running around, as well as a
giant ostrich, sheep, goats, pigs, and many baby deer. Next David
took us into the baby lynx cage and we played with them like little

Our Tent

The farmers built our family a sweet double tent for us to sleep in,
which I will admit had fewer bugs than the main shack. It was
perfect! I never thought I would say that, but if you could imagine
how the cast has been living, it was a luxury to say the least. I am
so impressed and have a lot of admiration for what people will do to
contribute to a charity. The show they are filming is challenging
everyone’s character and survival skills to the limit.

Savoring Time

David had so much to share with us, beside the beauty of Africa. It
is amazing to me the shift that a relationship can take when it has
been distant for so long. The kids were so elated, and I watched them
and their father savor every moment spent together. I knew our time
was limited as David had to get back to work, so I also rung out every
minute of our time together.

My Lips are Sealed

I m not able to talk about the show, and what I saw there yet, they
actually took my phone, camera, and computer upon arrival. That’s not
so abnormal, and I respect the policy, but can I just tell you how
hard it was to be totally out of touch! It was also very freeing and
really, really necessary to experience a place like this to the
fullest. Tonight I am alone with the children at a beautiful resort
over looking what looks like a scene from Out Of Africa. Tomorrow we
will embark on our first Safari. I will take lots of pics to share
with you when I get home.

Cross Another Off the List…

If you read my recent Bucket List Blog, then you know how happy I am
to cross off the African Safari part. I will also cross off the St.
Tropez romance mention, because I think I out did that trip with this
one in Africa. I will add that it hasn’t been at all about the
accommodations, the beauty or the atmosphere, it’s been about the
feelings we are experiencing and a very deep love. Yes, we’ve been
starved for 5 weeks, but OMG, this has been an intense trip.

I’m off to bed, still wiped out from the time change.

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