Cristiano Ronaldo Embraces Hands-On Fatherhood
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Cristiano Ronaldo Embraces Hands-On Fatherhood

Did you know hunky soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo is a father? Upon the arrival of Cristiano Jr. last summer, to a mother who remains anonymous, Cristiano’s life changed for the better. Cristiano’s mother is helping the 25-year-old athlete raise the tot.

Cristiano believes in being a hands-on father. “Of course I change the [diapers]. It’s not the thing I like best in the world, but I do it,” he tells the Spanish sports daily Marca, as reported by Britain’s Daily Mail.

So, will the Portugese hottie teach his son to take after his father on the soccer field? “I would love him to like football, for him to be my successor, but we’ll see what happens,” he says. “My son will be whatever he wants.”

But, while he’s fully committed to his son, Cristiano isn’t dishing on whether he will marry girlfriend Irina Shayk, a 24-year-old Russian model. He says, “One day, you never know. It’s early.”

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