Laila Ali Tries to Curb Pregnancy Cravings and Stay Healthy
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Laila Ali Tries to Curb Pregnancy Cravings and Stay Healthy

Laila Ali’s second pregnancy is throwing some curveballs her way.

“This pregnancy I’m a little surprised – I’m having cravings,” the former boxer and DWTS contestant tells People. “The first pregnancy I didn’t – now I crave sweets, sweets, sweets!”

Laila, 33, is expecting a girl in April. And she’s already got a name picked out – Sydney!

“I’ve got to watch it," Laila adds, "because I’ve got two more months to go; I already put on 30 pounds."

While Laila is very health-conscious, she says there are some things you just can’t control. "Your body changes and you just have to accept it. It’s such a short period of time that it comes and goes quickly and then you can get back to yourself.”

Laila is making sure that she is staying healthy, and that her family is healthy, as well. “I make sure I get up and work out in the morning, otherwise I won’t,” she explains. “I cook probably five days a week for myself and my family because I know what’s going in the food. I try to use organic ingredients.”

On that same note, Laila mentions how important mommy me-time is. “Women are the backbones of the family,” she said. “Life just happens that way and I think it’s really important for us to take time for ourselves. If you’re not happy and you’re not taking care of yourself, everything else falls apart.” We like the way you think, Laila!

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