Brooke Burke: Embracing Change
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Brooke Burke: Embracing Change

I want to share a valuable lesson that I’ve learned as I
find myself at a crossroads professionally. It has turned out to be a very
positive time of change for me, because I’m forcing myself to keep an open mind
and try new things.

I spent an amazing two weeks on the set of “Melissa
& Joey,” dabbling into the sitcom world again. It’s been many years
since I was in that space and I really loved it. 

I had a blast on set. I like
stepping out of my comfort zone and I like operating in a little bit of fear, in fact, I think that drives me. Not to mention the adrenaline sensation a live
audience gives me – I always crave that.
My episodes will air next month, I’ll let you know when.

In the last few weeks, I teamed up with my friends at Extra
to co-host with Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos and conduct a bunch of interviews for NBC.  It was a shift to find myself on
“the other side”  but I enjoyed
it too. 

Over dinner, my girlfriend said, “Don’t be pressured to make a
decision and find the next best thing right away. You’ve gotta date for

After a few cocktails, we burst into laughter when I shared the
fact that I never really dated much. I was always hopelessly devoted, found
myself in an engagement time after time and before I knew it we were moving in together. Crazy adolescence!!! I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

Now, for the first time in my
life, I find myself “dating” professionally. I’m not in a rush to
commit to my next project; I’m focused on finding the right one.

I don’t know what the future holds but I’m enjoying the
freedom and surprising myself by how much I’m enjoying different formats. In the
meantime, my dream of developing a fitness line has finally become a
reality.  I’ve been teasing pics of
my line, CAELUM, for months. It’s finally done and we just shot my
campaign, here’s a sneak peek:  

We just
shipped to Nordstrom so you can find my
line in stores this week or a bigger collection online at I’d sincerely love your feedback. I’m super excited as I’ve designed it for
every women who wants to get fit and dress the part. I say, if you’re gonna do
it, sweat in style.  

If you’re in the LA
area, come celebrate my launch on May 17th at Nordstrom in The Grove. I’ll be teaching my Booty Burn Class there too, so fun!

I know that I need to do something creative. I know that I
need to stay true to my women’s intuition and when the right opportunity comes
along, I’ll know it. My point is, there is value in research, staying
open-minded and experimenting. I think that’s true in all walks of life.  

Knowing what inspires you, and finding it, has many benefits.  Having the
opportunity to work in that kind of a space is truly a gift. That’s my goal… to do something

At this crossroads, I look to
my family and know that while my professional life serves many purposes, on most days, raising my children is enough. My focus is really to be happy
in all things and I hope for the perfect balance between the two.

My monthly motto is to be fearless, have no limitations and
stay honest.  


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