Gift Ideas for Kids in the Hospital
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Gift Ideas for Kids in the Hospital

Staying in a hospital can be scary, even for an adult. When you know a child who is in the hospital, visit as often as you can and bring gifts to brighten the child’s day. Choose gifts he can use while he’s in the hospital to help make the time go by a bit faster.

Educational Gifts

Educational gifts can help her pass the time, while allowing her to learn something. Puzzles, books and magazines with new stories and pictures she’s never seen or heard can give her a small escape from her hospital stay. Tailor the books and magazines to her interests and reading level. Mix a few storybooks with picture books for small children, as her parents or other visitors might enjoy reading to her. Bring movies that offer her an escape or episodes of her favorite TV shows.

Crafts and Toys

Put together a basket or tote bag full of crafts, toys or other small items to keep him occupied. A new stuffed animal, doll or action figure might help him through his hospital stay, while giving him a new friend to play with. Interactive toys, such as handheld video games or musical or light toys for younger children, are another option. Coloring books, journals and drawing paper can go with colored pencils, crayons, gel pens, glitter pens or other artistic items. Creating cards and pictures can help occupy the child’s time, while brightening up his room or allowing him to give back to friends and family who visit, bearing gifts for him.

Personal Items

Don’t overlook personal items that can make the child’s hospital stay slightly more comfortable. Bright or funny socks can keep her feet warm and brighten a drab hospital room, if only slightly. Slippers can cover her feet when she roams the halls or has to leave her room for testing. Pajamas are typically much more comfortable than hospital-issued garb. A small grooming kit might be particularly appreciated by an older child or adolescent. Add her favorite brush, comb, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, a toothbrush, toothpaste and gum or mints.

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