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Gilles Marini “Absolutely” Thinking About Adopting

Gilles Marini, the actor and former Dancing with the Stars finalist, recently told PEOPLE magazine that he and his wife, Carole, would "absolutely" consider adopting in the future. Marini is known for his role as the very sexy Luc Laurent on Brothers and Sisters and his naked shower scene in Sex and the City: The Movie. But it seems that in addition to his good looks, he also has a heart of gold.

"If we ever have another child, it would absolutely be an adoption," he said. "In my mind, I’m like, ‘I have both of my kids. Done. Check. Let’s help someone who has no parents. It makes sense," he said.

The couple already has two children of their own, Georges, 11, and Julianna, 6, but Marini says they don’t necessarily consider their family complete. “Let’s see what my next two years work-wise are about, and if they’re bright, then easily,” he explained. “Even kids from the region, there are a lot of orphans in L.A. You’d be surprised.”

Marini also joked, “I’m going to ask for some advice from Angelina [Jolie].” 

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