Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas
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Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas

The holiday season can be a wonderful way to reconnect with family and friends, sharing love and laughter during time spent together.

Gathering around the dinner table to enjoy a holiday dinner creates memories for everyone involved. 

So this year, give your delicious feast an extra sparkle with a great centerpiece or table decoration.

Light It Up

A warm and glowing dinner table decoration can be created with hurricane lanterns placed in a row down the center of the dinner table. Each lantern should be decorated with festive ribbons tied around the bottom. Attaching some small festive bells to the ribbons will finish it off.

Want to add to the festivities? Place the lanterns on a holiday-themed runner or a solid red or green runner.

Holiday Nut Wreath

A holiday nut wreath can be fun and delicious. Locate several small pine wreaths, and place them in a row at the center of the table.

Place a candle that is three inches in diameter in the center of each wreath, and then fill the space between the candle and the inside of the wreath with various fresh nuts.

Place a nut cracker at each table setting so guests can enjoy eating the nuts while waiting for dinner to be served.

Candy Bowl Centerpiece

An edible sweet treat can provide a bright and colorful decoration for any holiday table. 

Using clear containers of various shapes and sizes, fill them with candies that have pretty, festive wrappers. Attach red satin bows to the bottom of each container and place on the table.

For those who want to make something extra special, consider using the truffles as holiday adornments on a garland or wreath. At the end of the night, guests can take them home to eat!


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