Colors to Wear With Blond Hair
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Colors to Wear With Blond Hair

If you are blonde, or if you are considering going blond, you should choose complementary colors for the rest of your look. From your shoes to your hair accessories, from makeup to clothes, your coordinating colors should go well with your skin tone and flatter your hair. When your entire outfit complements your hair, skin and eyes, you will have a finished, polished look that will always be in style.

Natural or Dyed

The colors and hues you choose may be influenced by your skin tone. If you are a natural blonde, you likely have paler skin and blue eyes. However, if you have dyed your hair, you may have darker skin. If you are unsure of your natural color, think back to your years as a kid. If you had bright blond hair, you may have naturally lighter skin.


Your lighter hair color will bring a lightness and freshness to your face. Embrace this new brightness with fresh, paler colors. Embrace light pinks. Put away the dark purples and royal reds. A pink or other pale eyeshadow, pink blush and light gloss will bring new youth to your look. If you want a dramatic look, embrace a richer lipstick, but stick with pinkish red hues.


Pastels tend to look great on blondes with light skin, but avoid light oranges and yellows that seem too much like your skin. That will make you look dull. Vibrant pink, blues and other pastels are great options. If you have naturally darker skin, you can look to those yellows and oranges. For a polished, professional look that shows off your hair, put on a black outfit. The black will serve as a background to your light hair.

Stepping Out

If you want to add punch to an understated look, choose a brightly colored or wildly printed accessory. A great pair of shoes can add the perfect, final touch to your outfit. A bracelet or handbag is another place where you can add color and pizazz.

Hair Accessories

When choosing an accessory for your hair, look for a dark or bright hair piece. A black headband stands out against the lightness of your hair. If you are in the market for barrettes or pins, look for something in rich, jewel tones that will be obvious on your light coloring.

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