Brooke Burke – One Hot Mama AGAIN
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Brooke Burke – One Hot Mama AGAIN

APRIL FOOL’S JOKE! Can you believe it? Baby #5 for Brooke Burke! The Dancing With The Stars Host and CEO of was overheard sharing the good news with family and friends and the hush hush concern “How am I going to fit into my sexy skimpy gowns on DWTS?”

Hiding The Bump, Again

This won’t be a first for Burke; her very first stint as the host of Wild On was spent hiding her growing baby bump while gallivanting around the world. Then, on the 2nd season of Rock Star Supernova she hid her third baby belly by diverting attention from her bump to the breasts. Maybe the third time’s the charm?

Surprise Daddy!

David “Papa” Charvet will be coming home to exciting news from his African adventure- but the question of the year is- was baby number 5 conceived in the tent on their African Safari or somewhere here in Los Angeles?

Good Luck!

The quintessential Modern Mom never ceases to amaze us! Wow, five kids!

Good Luck Brooke! Somehow you’ll manage to balance it all.


Brooke’s mom just called her to see if the news was true…So Brooke decided it was time tell the truth. No baby #5 anytime soon. Funny stuff!

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