Mom Style: Boots for Every Occasion
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Mom Style: Boots for Every Occasion

Being a mom, a designer and ultimately a shoe-crazed junkie it’s hard to be practical and still fulfill that need to express myself daily. My easy solution is a great pair of boots. Believe me I love a pair of gorgeous pumps that read caviar and bon bon’s for lunch… but lets get real ladies, who’s rocking the 6-inch stilettos to drop off the kids and head into the office? I’m not!

My favorite new year around accessory comes in all kinds of looks, shapes and styles and whether it is biker chic, or bondage sleek, there is a look out there for everyone. Long gone are the days where the boot was only considered a winter accessory, in this new right of passage its apropos to wear biker boots with a lacy mini in the middle of summer or a pair of studded booties with a pencil skirt to the office. If you let your fashion imagination dream a pair of Louboutin booties will take you on a mini trip to Paris, Golden Goose riding boots will have you on a polo field in the Hamptons, and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti fur boots will have you drinking cappuccino in a café in the snowcap Italian Alps. Here are a few looks and brands that cover the spectrum, you don’t have to spend a lot to look amazing, but nothing beats an amazing pair of boots!

One of my favorite looks is delicate meets rugged. Pairing a biker boot with a sweet outfit brings out the tough girl in everyone.

$80 from Boutique 9

$565 from Fiorentini + Baker

$16.95 from Forever 21

Adding a splash of attitude with a leopard bootie is always a good idea!

Christian Louboutin ankle boots

Nina wedge bootie available for $109

Moccasin boots are both comfortable and super cute!

$295 from House of Harlow

$89.95 on

$395 from Tory Burch

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