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Incontinence Protection for Women

Pregnancy, childbirth and aging can weaken the pelvic floor muscles, which can cause urinary incontinence. As you go about your day, you don’t want to worry about having to change your clothes after a bit of leaking. Look to products that provide incontinence protection for women to help avoid embarrassment.


If you have only light or occasional incontinence, try incontinence pads. These stick into your underwear — similar to menstrual pads — and absorb any urine. Incontinence underwear has added layers in the crotch, which can prevent any accidents from seeping through to your regular clothes. For serious incontinence problems, including bowel incontinence, consider adult-size diapers. Disposable underwear also offers protection and is not as bulky as a diaper.

Wetness and Scent

When you are even slightly incontinent, you face two major problems — wetness and the scent of urine. Incontinence pads take care of both issues. You may be tempted to buy pads or panty liners meant for a period because these are cheaper, but they do not take care of the scent of urine and are not able to absorb as much urine.

Choosing a Size

When purchasing adult diapers or incontinence underwear, take your hip measurement and compare that to the sizing chart to see which size you should buy. When buying incontinence pads, you have a choice of absorbency, ranging from thin panty liners to thick and absorbent pads. The panty liners are more comfortable and are suitable for occasional incontinence, especially if you are able to change the liner frequently. For more serious incontinence, try the thicker pads. Experiment to see what works for you.

Where to Buy

Most drug and discount stores carry a full line of incontinence protection for women, including pads, disposable underwear and adult diapers. If you want reusable incontinence protection underwear, you should look to stores or websites that cater to older women.

Protection From Within

By building up your pelvic floor muscles, you can give yourself natural incontinence protection and decrease your chances of leaking. To do this, you must squeeze the muscles that control the flow of urine — your pelvic muscles — for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat this activity a few times a day. The more you exercise your muscles, the stronger they will get.

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