Back in the Ballroom!
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Back in the Ballroom!

I was so excited to meet the new Dancing with the Stars cast of Season 12 during last night’s live reveal. I loved seeing that some of my wish list hopefuls made the final cut! I think it’s going to be an incredible season. It will be extremely competitive considering we have so many stellar athletes. I love the big personalities and will bank on Wendy Williams to always speak her mind. She said that keeping hush hush until last night was the hardest secret she has ever had to keep. Wendy was wearing a huge mirror ball trophy ring that I know she will be showing off on her NY show today. I must admit that my childhood crush was Ralph Macchio. We dished back stage about The Karate Kid days and tried to deny that it was over 20 years ago! I don’t know how I got this old! Seems like yesterday I was fantasizing about his posters that decorated my girly bedroom walls.

I woke up this morning with a mild back pain (must have been the sprint race against my 10-year-old). I’m siting in an Epsom salt bath right now trying to soak it out. I remember the days during Dancing with the Stars training when I would wake up and soak my body so I could move and stretch just to make it through another day’s practice. I’m thinking about what all the stars must be going through this week as they prepare for our first show on March 21st.

I think the biggest challenge is learning to do things your body never thought was possible- things that only feel natural to a dance pro. I had a chance to catch up with everyone backstage last night. I reminded all of them that I’ve been there; I’ve been in their shoes and I know what it’s like. I’m hoping they will count on me and appreciate the compassion I have for each and every one of them. I have so much respect for anyone who commits to competing on DWTS. During season 7 when I competed with Derek Hough, I learned so many things about myself. There are many dance lessons that I’ve applied to my life, both professionally and personally. I still miss dancing, but I am so happy to be in the ballroom as the co-host. I can not wait for season 12 to kick off.


  • Find your inner rhythm
  • Let the music carry you
  • Be willing to follow someone else’s lead sometimes
  • Know how to dance a solo
  • Commit, be fearless, take calculated risks
  • Be flexible, capable of changing direction anytime
  • Stay open to learn a new routine
  • Try your best, give your all
  • Fail with grace, recover with glory 


– An excerpt from “The Naked Mom”

GOOD Luck Everyone!!!

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