Shaya’s Birthday Bash!
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Shaya’s Birthday Bash!

My baby turned three yesterday, and Shaya wouldn’t mind me calling him that because he told me that morning, “Mommy I want to stay a baby.” What a relief, considering that all my others are in a HUGE hurry to grow up.

I organized a backyard party, my favorite kind! It was Shaya’s 1st Birthday party and I’m happy we waited because he was so excited and the perfect age to enjoy it.

Buzz and Woody came, along with a trail pony for the little ones to enjoy. Shaya was sure it was Bullseye from Toy Story, and I didn’t burst his bubble. At first, like many kids, Shaya was afraid of Buzz. Then when he thought Buzz may share his affection for chocolate, Shaya offered an M&M for an ice breaking gesture and they were two peas in a pod the rest of the afternoon. We barbequed, played games, and sang Happy B-day over the cutest Cake Pops. I tried my best to keep Shaya from tearing into the gift pile, but his love for surprises squashed my need to organize a proper thank you list. Sorry friends…

The afternoon was picture perfect, right down to the awesome gift bags – Thank you Julie Kenney (the founder of Jewels and Pinstripes).

Everything was going great until I took my last clean up load into the house, and tripped over one of our path stones. It was such a fantastic fall that if someone would have captured it on video and got it into Tom Bergeron’s hands, I think I may have made some money on America’s Funniest Videos!!!

It was fantastic, and one of those falls that just kept getting worse as I tried to balance the bowl full of mixed nuts, save the jelly bean jar, and hold on to Rain’s princess Thermos. My already slightly injured leg from last week’s races with the kids gave out and down I went. Too embarrassed to move, I laid there like a pancake in a pile of nuts and candy… I ripped my quadrecep, and I have been hobbling around ever since.

On a serious note, it’s pretty bad, I’m icing around the clock, keeping it elevated and starting my 3x per week physical therapy tomorrow. Dr Hall who treated me during DWTS made a house call today and said I’m down for the count for a few weeks. I’m not good at being still, I’m in pre DWTS work out mode, and I have lots of stairs in my house. It basically sucks! I’m having pregnancy bed rest flash backs, which I also wasn’t good at! I didn’t realize how many hundred trips a day I take getting the kids this and fetching them that. I mean who do they think they are not being able to work the microwave and fix their own sippies at the age of 3 and 4?! Not to mention the million other needs they have.

I’m in big trouble and David is getting a good dose of Mommy responsibilities. Uuuugh… oh, well could always be worse, I could have knocked my teeth out and then Tom wouldn’t be laughing as he stood there DWTS premiere night all alone.

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