Spicy, Yummy, Exhausting Weekend
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Spicy, Yummy, Exhausting Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!

I had a SUPER busy weekend. Thankfully, my leg is getting better because I did not sit down for 5 minutes all weekend! Except for the trip to the nail salon with my 11 yr old’s 5 girlfriends – which kicked off her birthday slumber party.

Yes, I’m in there too but with out the crackle nail polish!

I woke up Saturday am and started cooking for a lunch we planned for David’s family and their kids. It’s so important for me to keep our family close, and I love seeing all the cousins hanging out together. That’s something I didn’t have enough of growing up. I decided to make a bunch of spicy salsas, inspired by my Mexican friend who has the secret family recipes. I used all the peppers, onion, garlic and spicy chillies I could find. I boiled, chopped and blended many different combinations.

I marinaded 2 chickens with my favorite Williams & Sonoma Brine Spice. We love to  rotisserie on the barbeque.

I set 2 backyard tables, one for the little ones and the other for everyone else.

David was busy putting together a 100 piece toy for Shaya. Thankfully he’s superdad, because that’s my worst nightmare.

Rain and her brothers and sisters played for hours in our favorite new toy! The Fun Ball.

Lunch was a hit!

Later, I took all the kids for frozen yogurt, and was slapped with the “mom you’re not so cool” card when my daughter said I could wait in the car while they went in. It’s not the first time she made me feel like just a bank, LOL!

After I headed back home to make yet another meal for Neriah and her girlfriends. I whipped up my Famous Fried Rice and made a pot of Chicken Matzo Ball Soup which is still Neriah’s all time favorite. I was imagining what it would be like to have 12 children as I added more water to the pot to make it last and stretched the rice portions by adding more plain rice. The biggest pot I’ve ever made was devoured in 20 minutes. At that moment, my family of six seemed like a breeze.

Meanwhile, David and his brother played backgammon in the living room, and I made a tray of turkey salami paninis for them.

I settled the kids into the movie room with popcorn, sweets and a great movie: “13 Going on Thirty.”

By the time I made it back to my kitchen, here’s how I found Shaya… I must say I was filled with jealousy!!!

Life should be that easy.

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