My Sweet Little Shaya
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My Sweet Little Shaya

I wish I could experience life like my son does….

Easy free days are hard to come by. When I’m not crazy working, I love to book out the day to spend quality time with my kids. Now that Shaya is the only one left not in school every day, we can enjoy some one-on-one time. There’s nothing sweeter.

Imagine if there were no traffic? 

Imagine if we could dress up any way we like, and hide behind a painted face

Image if your friends were available 24/7 and just listened.

Even when we are yelling! 

Imagine breaking the rules, dressing up on rainy days and jumping in the puddles instead of walking around them. 

Imagine if everyone thought you were cute even when you did disgusting things!

Imagine if sugar made everyone sweet!!!! 

Imagine if your son always loved you as much as Woody! 

Imagine if all your trivial problems could disappear with a simple cuddle and the tender words “I love you”… Mine do!

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