How to Flourish Happily in Life and the Blog World
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How to Flourish Happily in Life and the Blog World

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I realize how fortunate I am to have you here sharing this journey with me!  Honestly, often I feel like my heart cannot fully express how grateful I am that you are joining me on my path.  Not all of you who share this piece of my heart are necessarily interested in blogging, but here me out because I believe what applies to the blog world also applies to flourishing in life.

At this point along my blogging journey I have found one detrimental pit hole you want to avoid falling into at all costs – comparison!

Do NOT do it!  Resist ALL urge to do it!

It takes a lot of strength and hard work to keep yourself from falling into this trap that is harmful to your well-being.  With a huge growing number of bloggers you will quickly find yourself amongst an enormous group of talented people.  Really this is true in all areas of life.  Talent is used at its best when it is appreciated and you allow it to inspire you, not take away from your self-confidence.  If you find yourself struggling as a blogger sometimes it can be because you are starting to compare yourself to other bloggers.

This gets especially tricky and hard to avoid when it involves blogs with similar strengths to your own, which you are probably even more drawn to.  There are always going to be people with amazing talent in the areas you find your strengths.  The key is not to compare yourself with them.  Appreciate their work, let it open you up and inspire you, but don’t let it go to waste by falling into the comparison trap.

This is true in life.  Comparing what you have to what your neighbours have or your friends, or your family just hurts you, so why do it?  Your life is more worthwhile then spending it unhappily comparing it to others.  We are all equally important and amazing people, with our own gifts to offer the world!  Recognize your strengths, use them to the best of your ability, be yourself, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. 

Allow yourself happiness by being who you are, not focusing on who you are not.  If you ask me life is too short to hurt yourself with this kind of mental torture, and you deserve a better life than that.  I realize the main flaw in this theory is that it is much easier said than done.

You spend a lot of time living and working alongside others.  If you read other blogs you probably have a hard time NOT seeing their numbers, but remember it is not about that.  I’m guessing you didn’t start out focusing on that.  Go back to your roots and focus on what YOU have to offer.  Let the work of others bring you inspiration and happiness.  Know that your audience is out there, or if you are an entrepreneur customers that are a good fit for appreciating your talent exist.  Be patient and let your heart lead the way.

Don’t let the brain’s tendency to get caught up in the comparison game get in the way of your well-being and happiness.  You have a lot to offer, and when you focus on that and what you do have there is so much happiness that fills your whole being.  The best way to combat this human tendency is to stop yourself as soon as you feel it coming on.  Distract yourself back to what you want to focus on. 

You’ll be living better, happier, and have more freedom to share your strengths and talent with the world.  Not allowing yourself to compare with a world full of amazingly talented people, and instead focusing on how to be the best you, that will take you to the stars.

Here is to being the best YOU, person and/or blogger!  I believe this focus is what will make you flourish in life and the blog world!

What do you like about blogs?

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