My Weekend Photo Blog
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My Weekend Photo Blog

I’m having so much fun with a new photo app that I just discovered. I love photography! There are so many precious moments that I want to capture with my family- I think I am driving them crazy! Take a look at how we spent our weekend.

Neriah and I shared some rare alone time on Saturday. We had lunch on the beach and enjoyed the dolphins passing by. We believe they bring good luck. Too bad they were to quick for a photo opp. Here’s Neriah standing on one of our favorite rocks waiting for them to resurface.

This is our local Pier. A sight that always feels like home for me.

Saturday night we celebrated a dear friend’s Bar Mitzvah. Rain and her sisters got dolled up and tried to keep up with 13 year olds. If I had a picture of what the 7th grade girls looked like, you would freak! David and I sat with many other parents in awe of the attire and 5 inch stilettos they were trying to walk in. Honestly, it was crazy. We wondered if we were totally off or if we accidentally entered the MTV Music Awards Hoochie try outs. I saw shorter skirts, tighter dressed, and higher heels than on DWTS’ sexiest night!

I looked at my 11 year old and thought, oh no, she’s in for a rude awakening if this is a 7th grader’s idea of appropriate. I was reminded of the night she rolled into the ballroom to watch my show in gold stilettos and a waaaay too short dress. Let’s just say that it lasted for about 2 minutes and she was quickly back in her converse! If you want a good laugh, read about that scene in The Naked Mom It was crazy! I wondered what their parents were thinking, and what I should expect if this is what a 13 year old Saturday night looks like.

Here’s a pic of Rain and I.

Later Jenn and I got tattoos for our guys, and I wondered how mine will look come show night! I hope the rubbing alcohol really does remove it!

I made that mistake once already when I tattooed my ex-husband’s name in my foot just 3 months into our relationship. This is what it looks like now after my very painful cover up!

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