Lead By Example
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Lead By Example

I just partnered with Suave to do a campaign talking about the importance of “Me Time.” I have been preaching this concept for some time now, and I’m happy to see it’s starting to catch on in the mommy space. It used to be that moms felt guilty when taking time out for themselves.

I wrote an entire chapter in my book called “Not Guilty” and hoped that its message would linger with many women for years to come. I think, sadly enough, that many mothers would rather blame their children and the demands of motherhood than make time and put in effort to pursue some much needed “me time.” None of my friends carved out personal time as new moms. We get so sucked into the demanding world of motherhood that we allow ourselves to be last on the list and actually find comfort there. Maybe because we prefer being someone else’s mother more than we understand the importance of mothering ourselves.

I fully realize that with my four busy children, career, professional responsibilities and my romantic relationship, that there isn’t much left. I actually pursue much of my personal enjoyment at home.

I love to cook, and I often do that alone while my kids are at school. I can shop, prep, enjoy some wine and set a gorgeous mood for my loved ones, while getting what I need in the hours of preparation. That’s a rare double whammy. I love to spend time in my garden. While the kids are playing I can prune my roses and make beautiful arrangements in many of my favorite vases. My workouts are my “Me Time.” Those are just for me and have many benefits beyond the physical.

Truth is that being a mother is my greatest joy and does fulfill me. But I am a more well rounded woman when I seek personal fulfillment, and I am a better mother for it. To be a complete person is to be part of my family, but it also is to be aware of myself. I have learned in my thirties to nurture myself as I do my children, and we are all much happier. As mothers, we take care of our children and we teach them to take care of themselves. We can also teach them by example. We are allowed our own time too. Knowing how to entertain yourself and comfort yourself is a really valuable life lesson. If we are to teach our children to be happy, we must be happy mothers….

I’m just sayin!










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