Fringe Benefits for Spring
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Fringe Benefits for Spring

An easy and often dramatic way to change up your individual style and look is by changing your fringe or bangs. While we refer to fringe as bangs in the United States, bangs are referred to as fringe worldwide. In this blog we will use the universal term of fringe.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with fringe or how you would feel? Fringe can be longer, shorter, blunt, piecy, side swept, arched, etc. The sky is the limit for fringe and each type of fringe carries its own look. Before making the decision to cut, or for a temporary look, try clip in fringe or applying extensions. Have fun, be playful and adventurous…you may discover a new you!

Types of Hair
Human Hair: Washed and cared for just like your own hair. Deep Condition once in a while to preserve the beauty. You can use hot tools, curling irons, flat irons, etc. Most often sourced from India, Asia or Eastern Europe.
Synthetic or Artificial Hair: Wash with a gentle shampoo when necessary. Heat is not recommended on synthetic pieces.

Types of Extensions

Single Strand: Attached with metal clasps, glue or knotting. More permanent. Requires a professional to perform application and removal.
Clip In: Temporary and easy to clip in and easy to remove at home with little assistance.

Wefts: Available in Clip In or Attached like Single Strand.


Tips for successful looks
Color: Hair comes in all shades and tones. You can usually find a very similar match to your own. Your colorist could color your human hair piece, but it is suggested to match your color at purchase.
Texture: Hair also comes in various textures, from fine to coarse, and straight to wavy/curly. Be sure to ask what the texture of the hair will be after shampooing. Synthetic hair remains the same texture after shampooing. Choose the texture that will best match how you usually wear your hair. Remember, human hair can be curled or flat ironed to match your natural texture.
Quality: Hair quality varies and also generally determines the price. The quality of hair will also dictate how long it will last, and how natural it looks.


Steven working on applying the single strand extensions on Keeley

Kristin and Steven working on Keeley

Kristin cutting and shaping attached single strand fringe

Kristin blowing out Traci

Keely Before:

Keely After:

Traci Before:

Traci After:

Brooke Burke with fringe piece:

Human Hair pieces are available at The Hair Shop
Synthetic Hair pieces are available at Ken Paves

Special Thanks to Tamara D of Los Angeles for MakeUp

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