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Take a vacation from your life~

With everything going on in the world, from politics to the economy, to life’s stressors, it is important to take a break from it all. I prefer calling it taking a “vacation from your life”.  My husband and I and our children are going to Disney World this week, and it could not have come at a more perfect time. Like many others, I am stressed with everything happening around me, and on top of that I have some deadlines for a book I am publishing. I am ready to go escape life for a bit, even if it is just temporary. I of course am saying this now, prior to having two tired, over sugared, and overstimulated little ones. I am not saying that everyone needs to take a literal vacation, but I am saying you need to take a “break” from your normal routines. Sometimes we get so caught up in the news, in the media and the frenzy going on, that we can’t function on anything else. We lose sight of the joys and blessings in our lives. If you need to take a “vacation” from your life in order to get refocused and re-energized then absolutely do it. Some people are more prone to taking on negative energy around them, and so it is vital that they remove themselves every now and then. I am one of those people. If people are sad, I feel their sadness. If people are elated, then I feel their joy. I am much better at protecting myself so that I don’t carry others’ negative energy as my own, but it is constant work. My advice to you this week and the coming weeks, is to do what you can to stay grounded and positive. Take a break every now and then from the news; you won’t miss anything that you won’t hear again the next newshour. As for me and my family, we are off to the happiest place on earth…at least for one week~

1. Turn off the TV
    How are you benefiting by watching the news all day? The news right now is fairly toxic and depressing. By checking it every so often, you will get the information you need. This is what I mean by taking a “vacation” every now and then. When you are starting to get stressed or overwhelmed, turn off the television and do something more positive and productive. You will feel much better!
2.Do your research
    If you are unsure about your financial situation, or how everything is affecting you, do a bit of research. Call your financial advisor. Contact a financial planner. If you do not have a financial planner, I would ask around and get some reputable names. Education leads to empowerment. Get your questions answered.

3. Create your own escape 
    If you can, create your own escape from reality. Create some sacred space in your home, where you can meditate and feel at peace. Fill it with fresh flowers and relaxing music. This will be the area you retreat to when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. If possible get out of your home or environment when feeling down. Go for a walk. Go for a relaxing hike. Take the time to clear your head.
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