The Royal Wedding
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The Royal Wedding

I walked the red carpet last week at the US Weekly Hot Bodies party…No I was not included in the issue, thx very much US! Guess I need to hit the gym a bit more often, LOL!

It’s cool, I actually expect nothing in Hollywood; I went for the good times. But while on the press line, of course the hot question was one about the Royal Wedding! Many asked if I would be up at 1:00am watching… in my house, sleep is hard to come by because of all the non-sleepers I gave birth too. So ‘no’, I won’t be up, but I will Tivo and will watch 1st thing when I return from the trip I’m on. The question I have is how the hell I am going to explain the extravagant details of such an event. When you are 4, 9, and 11 and you watch an epic wedding like that, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. In addition, since my youngest, Rain, thinks she is a princess in her own right, she will expect nothing less for her own wedding day. It’s funny, but actually quite serious considering how many of the 2 billion people that will tune in are impressionable little girls.

Because of the nature of the business I am in, I am often faced with the reality vs fantasy/Hollywood explanations with my children. Like Rain who often asks, “Why can’t I wear make up to school?” “Can you straighten my hair Mommy?” “Can I wear your high heel boots to the park?” “Wow, can you buy me a ring like the one you wore in DWTS?” Little does she know all the glitz and glam gets returned immediately and washed off at my earliest opportunity. I would rather be in sweats with a clean face any day, yet I love the transformation of dress up and the 2 hour make-overs that take place almost daily in my dressing room.

So Friday morning as we watch one of the most spectacular weddings of all time I will gently break the news that those are events for royalty only…and one should wish for true love always. Romance, depth, integrity, safety, friendship, laughter, respect, are among the many qualities that I will hope all my children may find in a partner one day. But If I know my kids, they just may put their own royal spin on it and find a prince or princess of their own. So, in reality, I will never say never!

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