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Kids Costume Safety Tips

Princesses, pirates, jungle animals and ghosts fill the streets on Halloween – the scariest night of the year!Children begin planning their Halloween costumesas soon as the air cools and the pumpkins line the streets. And although the options might seem almost endless, there are a few important safety concerns that should always be considered to keeptrick-or-treating fun and not frightful.Luckily, we’ve got some great tips to help you say boo to unsafe costumes:

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Back To School Must-Haves

You can almost hear the tears of kids everywhere this time of year because of the inevitable BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Some parents are secretly jumping for joy to get their kids back on a routine, while some are dreading the early morning chaos and afternoon homework struggles. But I do think one thing is common for most…

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a really special time. It’s the one day of the year where the focus falls to the mama and all of the family’s appreciation is expressed. Sure, it would be nice to hear how awesome she is on the reg, but don’t worry, moms are realists. If you’re looking into last-minute…

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Family Vacation!

I was just watching a segment on the Today Show about relaxing on family vacation That seems like wishful thinking with my brood- although that is exactly what I am hoping for. I never went on a family vacation as a child, so they are super important to me now. I think family vacations create memories that will last a lifetime. Its about quality time for us, checking out of our day-to-day routines, exploring different environments, and enjoying each otherbut only if they are organized!