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Empanadas Recipe (and Gift Ideas!)

A week before my husband and I went to Chicago I was surfing the web looking for weeknight dinner inspiration. I wanted something that didnt have a long ingredient list, and that would be relatively fast to make. On the website RealSimple.com I came across an empanada recipe that looked really good. I tweaked it ever-so-slightly to make it vegan friendly.

3 mins read

Fun ABC Games for Kids

Introducing your children to the alphabet through games can improve her understanding and build the literacy skills that she needs to start reading in a fun way. When children play games, they are engaged and don’t even realize that they’re learning. Every child has a different idea of what constitutes “fun,” so choose the games that your child will enjoy best.

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Romantic Love Games

Instead of spending your next date night inside a noisy restaurant or crowed movie theater, plan a romantic night for two at home. Light some candles, pour two glasses of wine and turn on soft music as you prepare for an evening in with your spouse. As an added treat, spice up the night with romantic games that help you celebrate your love and reignite the passion in your relationship.