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Let’s Cook: Seared Tuna and Asian Slaw Salad

Summer time is here and we are all looking for three things… healthy, fresh and delicious. Lucky for us this recipe has it all! While it’s perfect for a lunch alone, it’s also great if you’re having some girlfriends over – it will be sure to impress them. Or even better, a satisfying light dinner for you and your hubby!

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Popular Asian Baby Names

The beautiful and diverse continent of Asia is the birthplace of many tempting name choices. When selecting the perfect name for your new baby, consider some of these options. Not only do they deviate from the American norm, they are also deeply rooted in history and carry connected meanings, allowing you to give your child a name with symbolic importance.

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Appropriate clothing for young girls

This morning we got out of bed and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. Our daughters were already up and dressed, which happens more frequently lately. If you are more like me, a total B person, then it is hard to get up in the morning and I enjoy my late evenings with my husband. So the girls get up a little before us and start playing or watches a few minutes of TV. Sometimes they dress themselves and sometimes they wait for us.

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Crazy Hair Braiding Styles

If your hair is driving you crazy, fight it with a crazy hairstyle. Donning crazy braids can give your hair a special look while taming wayward hair and frizzes. Be bold, be daring and take out the blahs from your boring hair by defying hairstyling norms. Wear your hair in crazy braids and turn heads wherever you go.

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60 Back To School Must Haves

Forget about the same old school supplies! We’ve rounded up this year’s must-haves to kick the school year off right - and in style. Organizing & Accessorizing Blush Dream Desk Set by Poppin A perfect choice for the highly organized, this gorgeous blush Desk Set couldn't be easier to get it all together! The Set…