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ModernMom’s Guidelines for Our Valued Content Contributors

At Modern Mom, our core values revolve around leaving a positive impact on the world, treating others as we'd like to be treated, and serving as role models for our children, nurturing the next generation to become exceptional individuals. We welcome you as part of our valued and vibrant community of thoughtful, brilliant content creators.…

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Feeding Kids’ Curiosity at Home

When my kids were little, summers were tough enough balancing summer camps and fights over the same toys surrounded by a floor littered with plenty of choices. “Mom, that’s mine.” “Mom, she won’t share.” With the amount of time parents and kids have spent at home over the last year in the midst of pandemic…

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Help Kids Handle Life’s Tough Situations With “Have A Plan” Books From Little BLUEPRINT

The following is a guest post from Katherine Eskovitz, founder of little BLUEPRINT.When my daughter was two, she went to pre-school for the first time, and I thought it was one of the biggest days ever. When she was three, we moved across the country, and I was worried it would rock her world. Shortly after we moved, her sister had to have her tonsils removed, and we braced ourselves for surgery.These were …

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Online Jobs for Moms

The advent of the Internet and computer technology has led to a new world of job opportunities. Because employees can now be connected by emails, video and instant messaging and online work spaces, workers can be anywhere, collaborating and creating together. Online jobs provide great opportunities for moms who have infants who need to be held or toddlers who can play at their feet while they work.