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Festive SuperBowl Cupcakes!

With a small adjustment to the basic yellow cake, a bit of delicious frosting, and some team colors or football themed toppings, these are a simple way to sweeten up your Super Bowl party. Cupcakes are the perfect party treat and whether your team wins or loses, these little cakes will score a touchdown with your guests! Super Bowl Cupcakes Ingredients

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Spaghetti Cups

This recipe is brought to you by It's Peachy Keen We made these and were able to enjoy them on the deck on the perfect spring day.  The kids had a blast eating one of their favorites meals with a fun twist. I’m positive they will be asking for this a lot more often now!…

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Healthy Quinoa Salad Recipe

Back to School is starting! You’ve got this. You’re determined to make ahead healthy meals that enable good choices and keep you on track for your busy life. Meals you can grab and go, grab and FEEL GOOD about! When you have healthy foods prepped ahead of time you’re setting yourself, and your family up for success.

This healthy quinoa salad is great to make in advance. The flavors only get better …