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Cool Back to School Decor Ideas

It’s almost time to send your kids back to school and you know what that means… homework is coming. After spending 7(ish) hours a day sitting in a classroom, it’s hard to get those butts back in the seat to study! Decorating a student’s work space can make it considerably more inviting, though. A fun and fashionable work space can make homework seem more like an activity and less like a punishment, so try out these simple DIY work space decorations! Coffee Can Organizers

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5 Dye-Free Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

The following is a guest post from Brooke Horrell, who hosts a DIY segment on YouTube called “What’s Up Moms”Easter has been my favorite holiday since I was a kid and this year, like every year, I was super excited to dye Easter eggs.Four dye kits and a huge mess later (they all failed miserably!!) I decided I had to find another way to decorate our eggs. After some creative brainstorming and …