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Social Development and Bullying

Conflicts with Close Friends So, lets talk about those close personal friendships – kids will experience more conflicts with close friends than acquaintances. When our friend says something or does something to hurt our feelings it means a lot more than if a stranger did the same thing. Im sure we can relate to that. But, your childs ability to resolve conflicts will mature as they grow older and these challenges are part of that maturation.

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Newborn Baby Brain Development

Talk, read, sing and play with your newborn baby, because these actions shape her brain development. More important than educational toys and videos, loving care and new experiences develop your child’s brain more than anything else does. Brain cells form before birth, but the brain develops during infancy and early childhood.

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How to Tell if a Baby is Developing Normally

Anxiety is a new parents constant companion. Youre probably wondering if your baby is eating too little, sleeping too much or even crying too often. And way up there on your list of concerns is, no doubt, development. Should your baby be smiling by now? Crawling? Waving bye-bye? Like people, babies are individuals. Some will do things better, earlier and more easily than others. But knowing what milestones to look for at different stages can help put your mind at ease, or spur you to find early intervention programs if need be.