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European Baby Names

Naming your baby is often a stressful task, particularly if it is your second or third child. Many parents choose to carry on family traditions by naming their baby after an older relative, but frequently find the name too old-fashioned for their taste. If your heritage lies overseas, look to one of the European countries for inspiration. Agata, for instance, is the anglicized version of Agatha, while Jacopo is the Italian form of Jacob or James.

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Popular European Baby Names

While some baby names span the ocean and prove popular both in the United States and in Europe, many of the names that parents opt to select in European nations differ greatly from those popular with U.S. parents. If picking a name for your infant, consider an European-inspired name to set your child apart from his American classmates.

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Packing List for European Travel

Europe is home to an assortment of historically significant and beautiful landscapes, making this continent worthy of exploration. If you are planning a trip to Europe, careful attention to packing is required. To ensure that you can explore Europe without forgoing the creature comforts of home, pack smart for your trip.