6 mins read

Alcohol Abuse: When Mommy Has a Problem

By Desire Washington She wasn’t going to make it. Sally was running late again and she hated seeing the look on her daughter Olivia’s eyes, as her daughter was forced to wait. Where had Sally’s day gone? An early morning PTA meeting? Done. Chores? Done. Shed revised the budget. Perhaps, it was the afternoon nap?

12 mins read

How to Fly Your Family First Class for (Almost) Free

Do you ever dream about taking your family on an amazing family vacation in which you fly first class to London, Paris, or even further afield – perhaps a safari in Africa or snorkeling in the Maldives? But then the reality of an expensive and harrowing long-haul flight in coach sinks in, and you sigh, starting to plan a trip to see relatives or a quick jaunt to Florida, the Caribbean or the West Coast.