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10 Reasons Why Moms Should Get Their Eyebrows Shaped

I know as women, we are all looking for that quick and cost effective beauty fix! My advice to you, as an eyebrow specialist, is tobook a brow shaping appointment with a brow expert in your area and see for yourself the positive benefits you will receive instantly. You will be hooked. Promise!

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Beauty Tips: Tweezing Eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important beauty feature, but they can easily grow out of control. You’ve probably seen some eyebrow don’ts, such as brows that are too bushy, too thin or the tadpole–a kind of eyebrow mullet, if you will, thick at the beginning with a too-drastic tapering off that doesn’t quite make it to the end. You can avoid all of these eyebrow mistakes once you learn some beauty tips for tweezing them.

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Eyebrow and Eyelash Hair Loss

Your eyelashes and eyebrows frame your eyes. When they become sparse, or you suddenly lose them altogether, it can be very stressful. Several underlying factors contribute to eyelash and eyebrow hair loss including medical conditions, stress and lack of proper nutrition. Knowing the causes and treatments will help keep you from panicking if it happens to you.

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Tips on Growing Eyebrow Hair

Those patches of hair above your eyes are small and relatively insignificant. Once the eyebrows start getting sparse, though, these little swatches become incredibly important. Whether hair loss or overplucking has caused this thinning, you can encourage further growth and mask the sparseness until your brows come in thick and heavy the way you like.