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Home Remedies for Cleaning Tile

Tile — whether on your floors or bathroom walls — can look beautiful in any home, but you will have to keep it clean so that it looks its best. Your tile’s manufacturer may have suggested a specific commercial cleaning product, but you can also use items that you have around your home if you want to do things more naturally.

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How to Clean Stained Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is tough and durable, but like most surfaces it can be stained. If you’ve moved a bucket, appliance or piece of furniture only to find an unsightly stain where it was sitting, there’s no need to panic. While ceramic is porous, you can lift the stain from the ceramic tile and once again have a gleaming floor.

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How to Clean Floor Grout

Tile floors create a upscale look in a home, but dirty grout lines detract from the natural beauty of the tiles. The tiles themselves are relatively easy to clean and resist stains from spills. Because it is porous, grout is more susceptible to staining and buildup of dirt. If the grout is light-colored, the dirt and grime shows up more prominently. An occasional deep cleaning of the grout is necessary in addition to daily floor cleaning.