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Glycerine for Flowers

Flower preservation is returning as a popular hobby. Some brides want to save flowers from their wedding bouquet. Gardeners want to decorate their houses with flowers grown in their own flowerbeds. Unfortunately, any methods for preserving flowers leave the flowers brittle. One method for preserving flowers that retains a more life-like appearance is to dip them in a solution of glycerin and water.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Moms Who Hate Flowers

I spend most of the year pretending to be selfless and non-materialistic, blah blah blah, but if I’m being honest, every once in awhile I want to open up a pretty box and find an awesome present inside.Which leads us to my big Valentine’s Day confession: I get SO bummed out when my significant other gives me flowers. They die in like two days, they’re messy and I’m just not …