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A Moderndad Speaks: "My 6-Year Old's Generosity"

The Cub Scout Pack meeting was especially fun this time. The boys all made paper airplanes and flew them in groups through a snowstorm of newspaper snowballs thrown by the other cubs. My Sam, a Tiger Cub (the youngest group), made an airplane by himself and flew it several times through the barrage. It made it through a couple of times! We walked the three blocks home in the rain. Sam held my leg tightly as we splashed through the puddles and I let go of the mess he was making of his uniform. He was free and so was I.

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10 Promises I Make To My Children

Life is a beautiful mess. It comes at us so fast, at times, we are spun around and lose sight of who we are and what is important. This is true for parents and children alike – we almost need a map to navigate this ever-changing world. Yes, there will always be ups and downs, which makes life both challenging and a joyful adventure.Helping your children learn their centering place, and knowing your own as …