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Do Most Parents Hate Parenting?

Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist. -Michael Levine Driving home from a long day at work, I was imagining the blissful greeting from my beloved children. But the actual scene I came home to was a different story. Sienna, my 9-month-old, was crying. When I picked her up, instead of gurgling a happy hello, she baptized me in the carrot puree shed had for dinner. Alessio, my 2-year-old, tried to snatch Sienna away so that he could squiggle into my arms. Sienna down! he demanded.

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Book Review: Blue Nights

Our ModernMom Book Club is a way for our readers to express their thoughts and ideas on things they’ve read, sharing their insights with our community of moms. Join the conversation, and tell us what you thought about this book in the comment section below! Joan Didion once wrote that We tell ourselves stories in order to live.These words, conceived before she turned 45, took on a new meaning for the author as she became 75.

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Baby Language Development

Nothing is more exciting than to hear your baby start forming words, especially when she holds her arms out to you, while saying, “Mama!” All kids learn to speak at their own pace, but you can look to general guidelines and milestones to determine whether your baby is on track. Language development, which refers to speech and nonverbal communication, is one measure of normal infant development.

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How to Deal With a Fussy Baby

Babies bring such joy to a household. Even though they bring their gurgling noises, laughter and fascination with the world around them, they can also pack a great deal of unpleasant noise, such as crying. Each baby has his own little personality. It’s often unpredictable, and it can range from happy to fussy with little to no notice. A fussy baby can cause havoc whether in public or at home. Keep your baby happy–and yourself sane–by learning ways to deal with your fussy baby.