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Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water this 4th of July

If you are planning on hitting the beach, pool, or nearby lake to celebrate the 4th this year, make sure you keep your little ones safe while enjoying the water with family and friends! The Infant Swimming Resourceprovided the following tips to help families protect their young children in and around the water this 4th of July weekend.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Sex During Pregnancy

After the excitement of a new pregnancy calms, expecting parents (especially first-time parents) have hundreds of questions. One of the most common involves sex during pregnancy – is it safe? Sex during a normal pregnancy is usually safe unless your doctor has recommended otherwise. That said, there are a few things to be aware of – a…

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Thinking Ahead about Autism

Thinking Ahead about Autism   What do I mean? I’m talking about planning. Planning because you have a child with autism. This is more than planning for an event or a trip because you just have kids. I mean to take it one step further because you need to think a little more about your…

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Autism and the First Job

Autism and the First Job That’s right. My eighteen-year-old son with autism has a real job. How did he get it? Through a school work program that assists young adults with special needs with work experience. He had this exact same job lined up a few days before the 2020 pandemic shut down. He was…