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ModernMom Chronicles: Chapter Eight

I just need a few minutes to compose myself, Heather says, and Dr. Morris walks back into the animal hospital. Heather leans against her dirty white Escalade feeling suddenly grateful that she cant find her phone. She dreads having to tell Michael and the children that Marigold is dead. Dead! She cant believe it. Don’t miss chapters one through seven!

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ModernMom Chronicles: Chapter One

Its no longer her house but she still calls it home. Once a month she drives two hours east to visit her mother in Riverside. She thinks this ritual irritates Michael, who tries his best to overlook her lower middle-class upbringing. At Cal, as undergrads they were equals. However, after graduation their divergent socio-economic status became apparent.

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Natural Sex Herbs

You might be tired after a long day, but you still want to make love with your partner, especially if you are hoping to conceive a child. While prescription drugs, such as Viagra, have a number of risks and aren’t appropriate for most couples, natural herbal remedies can potentially help enhance sexuality and overall energy, according to Discovery Health. Keep in mind that pregnant and nursing women or anyone taking medication should not ingest herbs or supplements without first speaking to a doctor.