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When My Child With Autism Was Diagnosed With Cancer

This week I want to share a guest post from Jess Block Nerren. Her son has autism and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Here is her heartfelt story:Autism and pediatric cancer. Autism and Hodgkins Lymphoma. No matter how you say those two together, it sounds tough.My son Royce, 8, with autism was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma about 60 days ago, on March 3, 2014.We went to the hospital for back …

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Interview With “Know The Night” Author Maria Mutch

Life is a lot like jazzits best when you improvise. – George GershwinAs we continue our interview series MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS, I thought this quote was especially fitting for this weeks featured mama.Maria Mutch, like the other moms were spotlighting during Autism Awareness Month, is raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her son Gabe actually has a dual diagnosis – autism and Down syndrome.I never …

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New Tra-Dish: Deep Dish Taco Pizza

The following post is sponsored byRagPut a fun new spin on a classic recipe and make a New Tra-Dish! This one comes from Betsy over at The Dallas Socials, who put a twist onRag’sUpside-Down Deep Dish Pizza.The result: a super easy dinner recipe that’s perfect for busy weeknights!Check out her post below:Tonight, just like every night in my house, started off with a conversation between my …

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My Kids Need To Be A Little More Materialistic

Throughout my parenting journey, I’ve generally put value on experiences rather than stuff. Im not fussed about having fancy furniture or cars, mostly because Im simply not interested. Those things dont excite me.My friends often laugh at my lack of interest over things like a new house or new car. When it was time to buy outdoor furniture, my neighbor picked it out. When I needed new furniture for the …

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10 Creative Swaps For Traditional Turkey Day Recipes

Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce – Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that, for the most part, has a very established list of standard menu items. But this year, why not switch it up? Shake up your dinner table with some of these creative alternatives to traditional Turkey Day dishes!1. Instead of boring dinner rolls or biscuits, give your guests a sweet surprise with these message-stuffed crescent rolls.