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How to Identify and Treat Pinworms

This post is in partnership with Reese’s Pinworm. How much do you know about pinworms? Pinworms are kind of an icky subject and not frequently discussed, but are without a doubt necessary to know about, especially if you have children heading off to school this year. So what are they anyway? Pinworms are contagious intestinal…

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How to Identify Depression in Children

While you hope that your child’s youth is full of nothing but happiness and laughter, you should know that childhood depression is a real problem that could stand in the way of this happiness. Approximately 3 percent of young children, and 9 percent of teens, will experience the effects of serious depression, reports WebMD. If you think that your child may suffering from depression, be on the lookout for its common signs.

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How Do I Identify Baby Rashes?

Your baby’s rashes may look a little scary, but they rarely require immediate medical attention, says pediatrician William Sears on the website AskDrSears.com. If you spot a rash on your baby, knowing how to identify it can help you treat it effectively, figure out the likely cause of your child’s rash and determine how quickly you need to see your child’s pediatrician. If your child has a rash that persists for four weeks, you should have your doctor check it out, says Sears.

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How to Identify a Prescription Pill by Markings

Finding a pill at the bottom of your purse or in your teenager’s bedroom can conjure up all kinds of questions. In addition, knowing how to check a pill for its identity before you take it can put your mind at ease after leaving the pharmacy with your new prescription. Knowing there are several methods that will identify a pill by its markings can help put your mind at ease.

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How to Identify a Pill by the Number on It

Taking medication when you are not sure what it is can be dangerous. Finding strange pills in your teenager’s bedroom can be scary, too. Although most pills are kept in prescription bottles that are clearly labeled, there may be instances when you need to find out what a pill is and what it is used for, and the only information you have is the pill itself and the imprint numbers/letters on the pill. Talking to your local pharmacist or going online are both valid methods to use in identification.