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What to Do When a Child Is Having Seizures

A seizure is a temporary surge of abnormal electrical signals in the brain that disrupt your child’s current activity, according to Children’s Hospital Boston. It can manifest as a dreamy staring-into-space look or as the body shaking uncontrollably. No matter how your child experiences seizures, it’s scary to watch. Keep your child safe and work with your doctor to minimize the number of seizures your child has.

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Healthy Carbohydrate Diet Plans

Carbohydrates are essential to the body since they a source of energy. However, too much carbohydrate intake can lead to obesity and other health-related problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. There are many diet plans promoted as “low-carb” diets that many people try to follow in order to lose weight and lead healthier lives. It is important to note, however, that lowering is not enough on its own. Combined with a high-protein or low-fat diet along with regular exercise works best to promote a healthier lifestyle.