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Autism and Law Enforcement -Part 2

This week I will continue the discussion about how individuals with autism can/should interact with law enforcement as well as important improving of the training of a law enforcement representative so that a law enforcement representative can recognize what autism looks like. This week I will discuss this issue when it comes to my own…

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Autism and Law Enforcement – Part 1

Why is it important to discuss autism and law enforcement? Individuals on the autism spectrum sometimes struggle to communicate and/or interact within the community. They can panic and appear nervous. It is the job of law enforcement to contain a situation and/or prevent a crime. If a law enforcement representative cannot recognize the signs/common attributes…

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Autism and Law Enforcement

How does what happened in Ferguson, Missouri matter to the autism community? I won't comment on the actual events that took place in Ferguson, Missouri in August. I'm shying away from my actual opinion on that incident because I want to keep the focus on autism and that incident had nothing to do with autism.…

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Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

Regardless of who initiated a separation, a divorce means the life you planned with someone else is no longer going to happen and now you have to re-evaluate your future. Choosing an attorney is one of the most important steps to protecting yourself during a divorce. Asking several questions can help you decide whether an attorney is the right one for you.