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The Studying Struggle for a Child with Autism

When my child was in third grade, we discovered a school issue. In third grade, my sons class began to have chapter tests. These tests covered a lot of materialan entire chapter of material. My son needed to study for a week to be ready to take a comprehensive test. This was a big change for him. Our son has struggled with this issue on and off since third grade.

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Favorite Mommy Apps

Maybe its just me, but when it comes to apps and my child, I have been extremely overwhelmed. There are so many apps serving a variety of needs. Nowadays, everything from teaching your child a foreign language to a keeping track of your babys sleeping and feeding schedules can all be done with the touch of an app. So, how do you find the good from theblah, especially when apps can cost …

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Helping Your Teen Put Together College Applications

So what does it take to get into college? Well, the answer depends on quite a few factors. The type of major, high school academics, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, the personal statement, the interview, extra-curricular activities, leadership skillsthe list goes on and on. Thats why, as Ive said many times before, its best to start thinking about college early. How early? In my opinion, it truly is never too early.

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What Is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Shaken baby syndrome results when a parent or caregiver vents his or her frustration on a baby or young child. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), violently shaking a baby can cause severe injuries, lifelong brain damage and death. Most cases happen when a caregiver loses his or her temper while trying to stop a baby’s crying. Many cases of shaken baby syndrome are accidental, but all are preventable examples of child abuse.