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Self Help Dating Books…Really Helpful?

At 39 I am back in the dating world. Now when I was of a younger dating age, we would go to clubs and socials with great expectations that we would meet that partner for life. The prince charming we read about in the story books, our very own Richard Gere who would come to our work and sweep us off our feet like he did to Debra Winger at the end of An Officer and a Gentleman. The reality is that 50% of us will go through a divorce. I am one of those statistics. So here I am back in the dating world.

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Night Frights: 10 Ways to Help Kids With Nightmares

What do you do when your little one has scary dreams? There are two issues to examine when trying to help a child who’s suffering from nightmares: What to do during the nightmare, or just after the child awakens from one What to do in the child’s daily life, before and after sleeptime, to help keep the bad dreams away. Another way to say this is: there’s crisis management and then there’s crisis prevention. First, let’s talk about how to manage a child’s nightmare in the moment. 1. First, what NOT to do.

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Developing Good Study Habits

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting older children is teaching them how to study. While sitting down at the kitchen table and reviewing the content in the book can be helpful, it's not always enough to give children the information they need to succeed on coming tests. Teaching your child to study, however,…

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Why Don’t Moms Negotiate Better?

I’m often demoralized to overhear this criticism about working women: we don’t negotiate. People who deliver this judgment, in my experience, tend to be human beings with limited experience being female: accomplished men in white collar, managerial positions, who shrug off women’s lack of negotiating skills as if absolutely anyone with self-esteem is born knowing…