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What Is the Medifast Diet?

Medifast is a protein-supplemented modified fasting program. This means you eat a restricted amount of meat and have a reduced calorie intake. The plan also consists of multiple daily meals and pre-packaged foods to help the user lose weight. Though there has been research conducted to prove the validity of this type of diet, some users may find that it is not a good choice for long-term goals or that the diet may conflict with current medications.

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Top 10 Best Diets

Finding the right diet for your body and lifestyle is a challenge, whether you need to lose 10 lbs. or 100 lbs. The best diets help you learn how to eat to stay at your goal weight, correct the behaviors that led to weight gain and improve your overall health. The best diet is one you can stick to without giving in to temptation for one more brownie or that slice (or pan) of pizza.