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Cedarlane Natural Foods Is Searching For America’s Best Family Recipe

This holiday season, Cedarlane Natural Foods would like to celebrate family, health, happiness, and home cooked meals – straight from your kitchen to theirs!Cedarlane is on the search for a new family favorite vegetarian recipe.Share your favorite family vegetarian recipe for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles and have your dish turned into an actual Cedarlane frozen entre.Its easy – log onto Facebook and like the officialCedarlane page, upload …

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Increasing Your Sex Drive With Natural Foods

Few things in life remain constant. This includes your sex drive. Many men and women experience periods of low interest in sex, also known as low libido. A number of factors, including illness, medication, hormonal changes, stress and fatigue, can all contribute to a lowered sex drive. While some cases of low libido may require professional treatment, good nutrition may also help increase the desire for sex. Certain types of food may boost your overall health and improve your libido.

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What Foods Contain Natural Estrogen?

Estrogen is found naturally in many foods, while other foods may inhibit estrogen. Some of the same foods that offer natural estrogen also offer other valuable nutrients that are important to a healthy diet. It is always recommended to eat a wide variety of healthy foods rather than focusing on only a few. The effects of estrogen should also be discussed with your doctor to ensure it is a healthy plan for you.